“I highly recommend play therapy with Eve. She is heartfelt person who deeply understands your child and holds the space for them to find healing and clarity.  I feel like I have new strategies to parent my child in a successful way and a better understanding of what he needs.” 

“Eve, your expertise and passion comes through so easily in your work and guidance. I have been noticing my child laughing so much more the last couple of weeks- his true, genuine laugh. I don’t feel like I have heard it for quite some time. Thank you!”

“When we started together the first thing you told me is that all emotions are OK. I said I get mad a lot and you said it’s OK, mad is OK its what we do with it that counts. That is what I am learning.” -Child client

“Eve has the capacity to see someone so clearly.  She has the combination of a loving and supportive intention, paired with the dedication to guiding her clients in finding their best selves that makes her a phenomenal therapist.  Therapy and counseling is a lucky industry to have her.” -Greer Van Dyke

“I thought for a while about how to write this testimonial and decided that I really wanted to emphasize Eve as a person and Eve as a therapist; really, the therapist and the person are one and the same, but truly, who Eve is as a person is good for people.  She is quiet and patient, and she has a beautiful soul.  She marries these more ephemeral qualities with deep knowledge about the therapeutic endeavor and about how she enters into that endeavor.  Eve listens to people and she hears them.  Her clients consider her a friend and it’s easy to see why; she makes space for people and cherishes their experience, showing people how to cope and allowing them to heal.”

“I have supervised and witnessed Eve work with children and families. I can fully say that she is one of the most naturally gifted play therapists I know. Children are drawn to her and feel open to share their deepest feelings and struggles. She meets them with authenticity, a warm smile, and an ability to help them through challenges with her grounded presence. Eve is also very engaged with parents, supporting and encouraging them to grow stronger relationships with their children. I trust that any child or family who works with Eve will grow, heal, and most of all be supported and loved.” – Ruth Wharton, MA, LPC

“Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working alongside Eve with assisting people to reach their full potential. I have always been impressed with Eve’s creativity, poise and professionalism and her ability to bring enjoyment and dignity to every session.” -Nic Klinedinst, Program Manager, Chestor House

“I have been the full-time caregiver for a man with autism for the past 18 years.  One of the most important blessings our family has received is Eve Ellis’ involvement in his life.  Eve is such a gifted therapist.  She is very knowledgeable and extraordinarily thoughtful.  My roommate has thrived and flourished because of Eve’s expertise and compassion.  It simply is not possible to give Eve a higher recommendation; she is absolutely magnificent.”—David Ahrens

“Eve Ellis is a therapist that truly understands children.  She understands why they think and behave the way that they do.  She has such a beautiful ability to be present with children and to help them heal at profound levels.  Any child lucky enough to work with Eve is in excellent hands.” -Lisa Dion LPC, RPT-S

“If you’re looking for the perfect balance of empathy, expertise and direction from a parent coach, Eve is the best choice. She gives tangible actions specific to your situation. She has a gentle, non judgmental approach that will leave you feeling empowered to make changes, no matter how big or small.” – Jo Williams

“Eve is a wonderful and skillful therapist. She attunes to her clients with care and compassion, and gently challenges them in a safe and supportive way, meeting her clients needs and achieving the goals they set forth together. I recommend Eve often for working with children who are presenting with a vast array of difficulties, because through her strong skill set of play therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy, she creates an environment for children and teens to learn, explore, discover, and thrive.”   -Lisa Bradley, MA, R-MDT

“I feel privileged and honored to call Eve my peer and colleague in the field of therapy. She has an uncanny ability to connect and be present with others both in the therapy room, on the ranch, and in everyday situations. I have seen her work and she has an abundance of knowledge and wisdom about children in a variety of settings. Her gentle yet strong nature forges connections with many, making her easy to like and trust. I feel proud and inspired to work along side such a talented, bright, grounded therapist in the field.”
 -Sara Moore, MA Therapist

“Eve, I’m truly blown away by the learning you imparted yesterday. I feel more fully equipped to step into my authentic power and more importantly I feel less need to hunker down in my bedroom as a way to get safe again. I’m connecting in the midst of chaos and this is truly life changing!!!!!!” -Adult Client

“(Eve),You facilitated something that was essentially impossible. Just wanted to make sure you knew, and that you made a very real difference.” -Parent Coaching Client