wilderness therapy Boulder COWhat is Wilderness Therapy?

  • Wilderness Therapy is based on the idea that we are intricately connected to the world around us and not separate from it
  • Nature is a resource for us during our darkest moments and fostering that relationship in clients can increase their sense of empowerment
  • Being outside during therapy can create a sense of open-ness and trust in the therapeutic relationship

Why Wilderness Therapy?

  • The tools and resources we explore together will still be accessible to you when we finish our therapy together
  • This therapy is good for soul-searching, finding a new direction, gaining new confidences
  • Exploration of the external world can aid in the exploration of our internal world.

I can incorporate a Wilderness Therapy session during the process of Play Therapy or Equine Therapy, to add a new dynamic or to bring a metaphor to life. I also offer wilderness sessions as a main modality using the many natural resources Boulder has to offer.