Supervision: An Expansive View

I know finding the right supervisor to support your profession and personal journey is crucial. Sometimes that is someone who can advise about legalities and licensure. Other times that is someone who can support you with a difficult transition or client. And sometimes it is just about receiving support during your own growth and journey. No matter your reason for being here, I can help.

I have been supervising therapists, interns, coaches and students for many years. I have had the extreme honor of supporting many individuals in becoming licensed and helping them as they move into their authentic expression of this profession.

I believe in supporting individuals in their personal path of development. The professional path and the personal path go hand-in-hand. We will explore your patterns of regulation and dysregulation and your nervous system tendencies in an effort to help you design a business that supports who you are as an individual and who you want to be as a professional.

I am a strong proponent of supporting self-care in the act of work. Self-care is not something that comes afterwards, we do not fit in our self-love and care after caring for others, we dial it into our work, our lives; into our very existence. This is a way of reducing compassion fatigue in practitioners and also increasing longevity, enjoyment and commitment to this work.

I am trained as a Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor and I have found this modality, with its intensive knowledge of the nervous system, brain and development, can serve all individuals in various concentrations as they mature in their practice.

Feel free to contact me for more information about my supervision offerings and practices. I would be so happy to help expand your vision!

Supervision is available through nature, equine work or talk and tele therapy.

“I got the opportunity to work with Eve as a supervisor and mentor for my coaching practice. Though it’s not required for life coaches to have supervision, I’ve been working with clients who are healing from trauma and ethically I felt I needed the therapeutic support of a supervisor to oversee my work. Eve holds a space in her supervision that is both soft and welcoming, as well as strong and empowering. She has a way of seeing with an eagle-eye view what is playing out in my sessions, and helping me be curious about it from new angles. She has an incredible talent for distilling complex patterning and theories into really understandable and relatable nuggets that I can incorporate immediately into my work. I would highly recommend Eve to anyone seeking supervision, whether therapist or coach.”