Parent Coaching

Welcome parents! I know looking for coaching around parenting is a sensitive and specific search. So let me share a little about my offerings in the hopes it helps you determine whether this is the right fit for you

As a mother to two young boys and a child therapist, I am deeply invested in parenting and parent coaching. I have been working with parents for over a decade, and I strongly support the family system in finding more equilibrium, balance, respect and repair. I trust that, through my parent coaching opportunities, we can work with the whole system and can help you create more understanding, balance and harmony in your home.

In a lot of coaching or parenting support, people will tell you to change your technique. That there is a certain way to parent, there is language to use and behaviors to implement that will get you results.

This is accurate, in its way. However, I find it can often be riddled with unspoken and unnamed “shoulds”. Some examples include; this is how you “should” parent, this is what you “should be doing,” if you did it a certain way- the behavior “shouldn’t” be happening. The “shoulds” can create a load of anxiety. And anxiety can get in the way of intuition and

So, in coaching, I am big about deconstructing these “shoulds.”

We will get curious about the “shoulds” in your system and how they are impacting your parenting and decision making process. If they work for you, we will shift them into affirmations, and if they no longer serve you we will find other ways to support your parenting goals.

We will discuss behaviors, strategies, implementation and language.

In my coaching I will share with you evidence based ways to support your child during emotional overwhelm. I will help you recognize your child’s behaviors as bids for connection and regulation and help you support your child in asking for these things in a sustainable way.

I will also challenge you to take a close look at yourself.

I believe children are our greatest teachers. We are gifted and blessed to be able to do the dance of family and parenting with them. I believe that our children are ours, for reasons much, much bigger than us. There is a divine guidance in the lessons our children can teach us.

For this reason, if you join my coaching please be prepared to challenge your own perceptions, to grow and to be a full partner in this work.

My goal is to empower you and your child. To help you lean in to your mutual growth and the connection. I will support you to learn about repair in times of rupture. And support you both as you gain awareness of your own behaviors, strategies and skills and as you navigate your ever evolving relationship.

I am here to help.