Grief Therapy

I had the deep honor of working with the local Hospice for ten years and I believe, deeply, that grief is a sacred journey. I look closely at loss. I am here to help you in holding your grief, in cherishing it and not turning away from it. With my extensive training in grief work and my many years of sitting in the darkness with families and individuals, I would be honored if you chose to come and explore your losses with me. There are many ways this can be done; with the horses, moving through the natural world, or in the containment of an office space.

Not all loss is a concrete death. Some loss is more obscure; such as a shift in identity, a loss of a job or a divorce or split from a partner. Some losses are largely ignored by society and still live in our bodies; such as the loss of a pet, miscarriages, loss by suicide. There are so many ways we experience grief in our lives. I believe in honoring these losses with rites of passage and with sanctity and awareness so we can live our lives from a place of wholeness and alignment.