Birth Stories

Post Partum Support and Birth Story Expression

The time after having a baby and the transition into parenthood is a tremendous right of passage. Unfortunately, frequently in our society, there is not enough honor paid to this time in our lives. There is not enough voice and movement given to our experience of becoming a parent, and to the lessons wrapped up in our birth stories.

Birth stories happen to every single parent who has a child.

In this work I offer the opportunity to explore what lessons exist in these moments of transition. We will explore what your child and this experience have to teach you, as well as how to resource and support yourself on this journey. I offer this service through your modality of choice and often encourage working with supplemental experiences such as horses, nature and horticultural therapy depending on what could be of best support.

I also provide rite of passages that can be designed solely for you with your community of choice as a one time honoring and welcoming of your transition. I am more than happy to design a passage that is just right for you and your journey.