Build a deeper understanding of what helps you thrive and heal deep wounds in the sanctity of the herd. Here, among these beautiful animals, we are OK exactly as we are.


It is impossible for us to have objectivity with our children. If you are looking for fresh ideas and a deeper understanding of patterns and behaviors, I would be honored to support you and your family as you build stronger connections and enduring resilience.


Mentors and supervisors are an incredibly important part of our journey as therapists. I am here to help support you in your evolution as a therapist or coach, and to hold the space of support as you navigate the unknowns and triggers that naturally occur in our work.


Play is said to be the language of children. When children are going through a difficult time in life, it is hard for them to express their feelings. Playing allows children to express themselves and their emotions in a way that words cannot.


Allow the wildness all around us to hold space for the wild intuitive spirit inside of you. Let’s see what the land has to show you.


Grief arises in all of our times of loss and transition, and it can be a constant companion in our lives. Let me help you explore, hold and integrate the deep gravity of your grief, so you can walk with it without being in it’s shadow.


I would love to help you give voice to the moments of your creation, or to the birth stories of your children. For in these transcendental moments, there are a multitude of messages for movement and growth.